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Mulcare Pipeline Solutions
Since 1923, Mulcare Pipeline Solutions has grown up with the natural gas industry. As a manufacturer’s representative, stocking distributor and field services provider, we are uniquely positioned to provide the full level of service our industry has come to demand.

Our consistent delivery of cutting edge products and services has earned us a valuable place as a solutions provider. Exclusively focused and well versed on the modern concerns of midstream, transmission, distribution, municipal, engineering and contractor companies, Mulcare aims to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations by being easy to do business with. Whether you require the natural gas industry’s latest and most advanced products, on-site service experts, money-saving solutions or all of the above, Mulcare Pipeline Solutions can meet your needs.

Our Objective
Mulcare Pipeline Solution's philosophy is to represent quality, non-competing products that work together and complement our efforts with Pipeline Equipment Resources Company, LLC (PERC) to be a full-service supplier and field service, installation and maintenance solution for our customers. Overall, we aim to lower our customer’s costs and engineer solutions for the installation, operation and maintenance of natural gas infrastructure. Our belief is that coupling truly innovative technology with expert support services best prepares our customer for success.

Equally, we are committed to creating rewarding partnerships with our principal suppliers and sub-contractors. It’s these effective relationships that yield our offering of industry leading products and expertise; the things necessary to compete in today’s dynamic natural gas industry.

Products Offered
• Commercial, Residential & Ultrasonic Check Metering
• Anti-Static Protection for PE Pipe Operations
• Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
• Electronic Pressure, Temperature & Flow Correction
• Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) (EasyLinkTM reader for ITRON®)
• PE Electrofusion Processors & Tooling
• PE Butt Fusion Equipment
• Pressure Reducing & Back Pressure Regulators
• Flow Stop Off Equipment, Bag Off Tools & Plugs
• Flow Control & Pressure Relief Valves
• Odorant Injection, Detection & Chromatography
• Inline Filters & Strainers
• Odorant Delivery
• Pipeline, Gate Station & Instrument Gas Heaters
• Plastic & Steel Pipe Installation/Cutting/Reaming Tools
• Line Heater Burner Management Systems
• Underground Marking & Locating Systems
• Polyethylene, Iron & Steel Valves
• Plastic & Steel Squeeze Off Tools
• Leak Repair System for PE, Cast Iron & Steel

Installation, Start-up, Repair / Maintenance,
Calibration & De-Commissioning Services thru PERC

• Odorization Injection & Chromatography
• Line Heater Optimization & Maintenance
• Regulation & Flow Control Valves
• Mechanical & Ultrasonic Measurement
• Plug Valve Training & Consulting
• Electrofusion & Butt Fusion Equipment
• Hot Tap & Flow Stopping

Primary Departments Called On
Department V.P/Directors, Distribution Managers, Gas Supply & LNG Operations, Odorization, Design & Standards Engineering, Customer Service, Meter & Measurement Groups, Tool Rooms, Training Centers, Purchasing and Stores.

Utility Contractor:  
Owners, Key Operations Management and Field Level Operators.

These calls involve product demos, on-jobsite training, equipment rentals and repairs, all of which support the regional utilities’ approved equipment and procedures.

Service Territory / Personnel
Our traditional principals’ products are offered within all the New England states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. PERC’s field services and OEM products are offered with no geographic boundaries but with a focus in the same region. With a 28,000 sq./ft corporate headquarters and warehousing in Boonton Twp., NJ, we are 1-day shipping time to our customers’ locations and only hours away from each of our service centers.

Mulcare operates from eight regional offices employing 5 Regional Sales Managers, 4 Tooling & Distribution Territory Managers, 2 Product Managers, 4 Project Managers, 6 Inside Salespersons, and over 20 additional support personnel.

PERC’s Director of Operations oversees a 7-person Engineering Department, 1 Field Service Manager, 9 Field Technicians, 2 Shop Technicians and 5 additional support personnel.

Our 7 degreed Engineers support our application analysis, product design and sales efforts. We continue to add to this discipline with a focus on Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering to better serve our customers.

Active Members of The Following Industry Organizations
• Northeast Gas Association (NGA)
• Northeast Gas Distribution Council (NEGDC)
• Energy Association of PA (EA of PA)
• Ohio Gas Association (OGA)
• American Gas Association (AGA)
• Society of Gas Lighters (SOGL)
• Society of Gas Operators (SOGO)
• Gild of Ancient Supplers (GILD)
• Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course School Executive Committee (AGMSC)


Mulcare Pipeline Solutions
9 Mars Court, Unit 3
Boonton Twp., N.J. 07005
P: 973-335-4800
F: 973-402-1558

Sales/Product Managers Offices
• Richmond, VA
• Port Jefferson Station, NY
• Dubois, PA
• Brockway, PA
• Mechanicsburg, PA
• Seneca, PA
• Worcester, MA
• Boonton, NJ
• Buffalo, NY
• Philadelphia, PA

Service Centers
• Ogden, NY (Upstate)
• Hanover, MA (New England)
• Dubois, PA (West)
• Richmond, VA (South)
• Boonton, NJ (Central)


Robert Engdahl

Scott Vigil
Director of Sales

Kevin Gross
Technical Director

Corporate Office: 9 Mars Court • Unit 3 • Boonton Twp, NJ 07005 • t: